Change Date and Time format

I’m new and not great at programming but I do have some experience in spreadsheets.
I’m looking to create an ID from NOW() or similar. I was able to do it by CONCATENATE(“AS-”, NOW()) but I don’t like what it returns. IE… (( AS-02/19/2020 12:51:30 )). The date is kind of “on the nose” and I’d prefer something less obvious or, at least, without the forward slashes.
Maybe something like this (( AS-021920-125130 ))
If this exact format is not doable I’d be okay with something else. I just don’t like how it is now.
Is there a way to change the format of what date/time returns?


How do I do that? Do I wrap the brackets around Concatenate? Do I wrap it around NOW()?

Yes, your expression could look something like below



Would it not be easier to just have an id column set by uniqueID() and separate date and time columns from which to pull data??


That is perfect Suvrutt. Very much appreciated and it showed me how I would be able to create future IDs this way. Thank you!

Hmmmm. I don’t want what a UniqueID returns in this table but it made me think that I might want time and date columns in this table. Not sure yet. Edits are made in these rows over time. I think I was looking for an ID that looked more like an ID I’d be familiar with.
Maybe a possible solution would be a column for time and column for date, then a concatenated column from those two columns which I could make the Key?

Hi @AACarde,

Yes, if you wish to create a key for the table, the best and safest option is to consider UNIQUEID()
Datetime as a key ID could create an issue in multiuser environment just in case when two users are simultaneously adding records.

@Jonathan_S suggestion is good in this case.

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Glad I was of some help in this case :slight_smile:

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Agreed. In this case there would be a limited amount of people adding to this table. 1 or 2 users. Breaking this down to the second makes me pretty confident that submits would not happen at the exact same time.

In other tables I am using UniqueID(), but this table is very limited.

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Ok, got it. Thank you for the update.