Change date format

Hi, How can I change the format of the date? from month/day/year to Day/Month/year .

Thank you, currently I get the message Invalid Date


When I was using Excel, I wasn’t able to change it.
Now I use Google sheets and it was DD/MM/YYYY by default.

All I can suggest is to add a virtual column with the formula:


and use this one to display.

Hope it works until you find a better solution.


Hi @Steve Appsheet must provide an option on date builder to set custom formats…

The google sheets does not provide an Locale option for English(India), hence you must help in setting the format as we need, instead of us depending on locale setting.

That would make our work smoother and easier

@praveen @Aleksi

Hi @DPM_reports, to clarify how it works:

The storage format of dates (how it is represented in the spreadsheet) is dependent on the locale of the spreadsheet. How the dates are shown in the UI depends on the locale of the device/browser used. The two are not related. Internally, we use a canonical date format. Whatever is stored in the spreadsheet is read and transformed into this canonical format, send to the device/browser, displayed there by transforming it locally as necessary, and then any changes follow the same path in reverse.