Change default display of referenced records as chart

I created a Chart View displayed as Ref to use that view in a Dashboard View along with other charts displaying data from other tables.
I noticed that this Chart View I created became the default view for my Ref rows in all the other Detail Views from tables that reference this table.
However the system view for this table_Inline still exists and I still want this view to be the view displaying in the Detail Views with referenced rows to this table because this view is a Deck view type.

Is there a way in which I can set this _Inline Deck View to be the default view displayed in other Detail Views with this table as the Ref Rows while still having the Chart View as a Ref in a Dashboard View using the same table?


  1. Create a slice for the table.
  2. Change the chart (For This data) from its initial table to the new slice.

Thanks, it worked!


I’ve been working on this for too long today. When I change the chart view to a new slice, the ref row now shows a map view. What am I missing?

My setup:

Accounts Table
Tasks Table (references the Accounts)

I’m trying to get a list of Tasks performed in the Account to show up on the Accounts Detail View. Now that I’ve pointed the Chart view to a different slice. A map view is showing up for this Ref Row instead.

Ok…just went in and changed the table of the Map view and then the Ref Row defaulted to the Card view. I’m seeing the pattern here so essentially you have to remove all other view and it will default to the System Generated Inline view.

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Hi @Mike_T, when I dont want the system generated inline view and try to build a different inline view (chart, map, etc), essentially, this is what I did:

  1. create slice
  2. make a view what we want on the slice
  3. have a virtual column (list) pointing to the slice (it doesn’t have to be a REF_ROWS)

In one of sample I’ve shared, I have a chart inline view with something like:

SELECT(RealChart[Table C ID],
		IN([Table C ID], [_THISROW-1].[Table CKeyGen]), ISNOTBLANK([Product]), [Hideit]=FALSE

If you’re interested to see, please copy the app and input a record.