Change duration to number value

I need help extracting the number of days from a duration value.

I’m using this formula

(TODAY()) - [Mod Start]
(Mod Start is a past date)

The expression give me a duration value (“1995.00:00:00”).
I’d like to give me the number of days value (“1995”)

Any help would be appreciated

Posted a bit too hastily before, then went to test my reply (test after the reply, probably the wrong order…).
I don’t understand how your duration value has “1995.” in the front.

This article should still help. There are some rather complicated formulas at the bottom for getting years/months/days out of a duration

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the “1995” is the number of days. the value seems to be in DD:HH:MM:SS format. the values are two whole dates, so I just want the days.

Appsheet, frustratingly, doesn’t provide a simple way to do this.

I’ll take a look at the article and let you know.

Addendeum: I’ve actually already saw that article before I typed my request. Nothing in there about how to extract the days from the duration. So I need someone help me with a custom expression.

Actually, nope. @Marc_Dillon I stand corrected. It was buried in the article, but I found it.

HOUR(TODAY() - [Mod Start]) / 24

This just gives me the days

So I’m good with this one. thanks

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Oh, ok cool. That’s exactly what I typed in my first (deleted) respond, but I then tested it with the duration value you provided and it gave me 0. Hmmm

I was getting those too when I converted today to a number

(NUMBER((TODAY()) - [Mod Start]) / 24)

seems keeping it as a duration value did the trick. It’s not obvious tho. But it worked so I guess there’s that