Change in Initial Value Formula from App Editor Not Taking Effect on Emulator & Phones

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I would like to report a bug regarding INITAL VALUE OF A COLUMN. My apps have been working well until recently a problem arises. I initially set the expression to “CO-0”, and then later on changed to “CO-NO”. There seems to be no effect on the change I made, as I saved the App edits and refreshed the tables many times as well, but the INITIAL VALUE in the Emulator App (and also in actual mobile phones running prototypes) is still “CO-0”. I have also ensured all users are running the latest version but nothing really happens.

I hope you could help me

Could you please update on the below?

Is the new initial value not reflecting in the existing records that have been saved? Also is the new initial value reflecting in the saved record if you create a new record and save it?

@ Suvrutt_Gurjar

Hi Sir

I added a row using the supposed-to-be initial value and have confirmed the data (I inputted it manually to the form). Still, the initial value, everytime the form is opened as reflected in the app, is still the outdated one, as if the emulator (and the app running on mobile) refers to the outdated version. This is true to only the INITIAL VALUE FORMULA. Other features are working very well.

I may need to tell you that I have encountered his problem long before where the INITIAL VALUE FORMULA does not initiate the column when the form is opened.

Ho @RPD_Mobile_Apps,

Thank you. Do you mean for new records also the new initial value "CO-NO” is not saved in the sheet , even though you have changed the formula for the initial formula setting to "CO-NO”?

Could you please update what value the app shows instead?


The “CO-NO” is reflected in the new record, but it was done by manually changing the value of the column when adding record from the form (which overrided the purpose of initial value formula)

Anyways, our operation can still function with this bug. It may be tolerable from the users. Still, thank you for looking into this case.

Hi @RPD_Mobile_Apps,

Thank you.

The point to note is the new initial value when its formula is changed will start reflecting in new records being created.

But in the old already saved records , it will not reflect even after opening and closing those records. "Initial value " as the name suggests will only reflect as a default or initial value for new records while the user is entering form.

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Update as of today, the bug has vanished. I did not know what happened but it’s all okay now.

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