Change layout in detail view which pop up when click on Ref list in form view

I found that when i click on the table view of ref list in form view, It will pop up as detail view. Can we change to use card layout ?

Hi @Nuttawutz

in UX/View/(pick your view name) /View type


For example of my case


Could you please help me specific which view that pop up reference from ?
I mean i want to change pop up that show detail view to be like card layout.

I already change Main Product , Detail view to use Card layout but it didn’t affect the pop up view.

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What happens if you click on the arrow on the right, instead of clicking on the first column of the inline ?
Can you get the view name associated with the pop-up this way, then change it ?

If the displayed view is set up as a card view type, that should be displayed as…a card view type :slight_smile:
Otherwise, it sounds like a bug to me.


When i click on the arrow on the right, It still show pop up the detail view which i don’t know where i can find the view name of this pop up.


As last part of Gif - You will see that when i click on the product on the main detail view, It’s already show in card layout.

It might be bug as you said. Thank you for helping me.

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You have the view name here: it behaves like a shortcut to the view settings.
What do you get at clicking there ? (please also check “show system view” in the UX panel if not done before)

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View : Form

List is show from Virtual column type Ref List

when i click on this list, it will show pop up with detail view.

when user select column name “Extra” (Type Enumlist : Ref type), It will show the virtual column which come from dereference of column “Extra”.

I think the best way to manage it, is to create a slice, define a card view based on this slice, and then set your virtual column of list of ref on this slice.

Let us know if that works for you ?

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I have try create slice and also set virtual column use that slice. It didn’t work too.

Did you manage to create a view for this specific slice dataset ?

Yes, I have create view that use this data.


Then I don’t have more ideas on how to solve your issue, sorry :sweat_smile:

The only thing I can say is that you may want to use the formula REF_ROWS() instead of the SELECT:
REF_ROWS("Sale Extra detail", "Extra") (similar expression with children columns)

but I’m still stuck with your view issue.
Normally, a custom-made view takes the lead on default view when it comes to displaying data.
So, for your slice, the custom view should be used, unless I’m wrong.

I allow myself to call @Steve on rescue for this case :slight_smile:

You cannot change the presentation of ref table details in form views.


Thank you for this clarification @Steve :slight_smile:

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Thank you for confirmation, Steve !

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