Change link for text

I have an action to send a file by mail.
but I can’t shorten or change the link.
please help

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I read it but I can’t get it to work

What did you try? What was the result? Screenshots would be helpful.

[file name]=[file txt]))

Not a valid expression in any way, shape, or form.

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okay I understand…

this expression

CONCATENATE( " Le recordamos que la factura N°" ," “,
LIST([Comp.]), " " , “se encuentra vencida desde el dia:” , " " ,” ",
[Comp. - F. Vto.], " ", “$” ,
[Comp. - Impte. mon. Local] , " “, “Descargue su factura en” , " " ,” ",
[file name]=[file txt]))

generate this

Le recordamos que la factura N° FC B 0004-00014216 se encuentra vencida desde el dia: 04/15/2021 $7000 Descargue su factura en
How do I shorten or transform it into clickable-text?

So the

[file name]=[file txt])

part is what generates your URL, so this is what you would use HYPERLINK() on, which expects a URL as its 1st argument.

sorry, I do not understand

Do you understand how you would replace “” with the text “Click Here”, by using HYPERLINK() ?

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evidently not

Then you need to review the Help Article posted above more closely.

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thanks for your time.
one more question.
it being a document table can it affect what i am trying to do?