Change local currency, our currency is not in the list, how to do that?

out local currency is not in the list, how can I add or change the currency list?

Which currency is that?
I assume you mean this currency list in Price column type?

Yes, but our currency is not in the list!

Currency of Aruba=AWG
Currency of Curacao=NAF

Thanks for flagging this. @Gabe_Moothart will take a look and we will update you if this small addition will be possible to the currency list.

Hi MJvanEwijk,
Can you tell me what country/region your computer is configured to use? Some currencies only appear if they match the region being used.

I am attempting to add the currency symbols for Aruba and Curacao.
If testing goes well, the change should be released early next week.


Thank you so much! This will help appsheet grow in the Caribbean Region :slight_smile:


Can you add TRY please? There is icon but doesn’t look good. So i’d prefer TRY version (Turkish Lira)
Thank you

Thank you for adding AWG currency, super!

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