Change logged in user?

I have multiple google accounts on my phone. When I start the AppSheet app it automaticly logs in with the wrong one. I can choose logout and choose to login again but as soon as I choose “google account” it automatic chooses the wrong one again.

Any thoughts on how to get around this?

Try clearing the cache for AppSheet (if on Android) or uninstall/reinstall AppSheet (iOS or Android).

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This might be a good issue to take to directly.


This has worked for me on IOS.

Ive had this issue as well and this works but really its a pain in the arse.

The clearing cashe and reinstall?

Correct, I that was the only way I could change the email. This was not on my device but on a users device. It was a Samsung Galaxy S8

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Interesting! Samsung Galaxy S7 edge here…

@Martin, did you log this with Appsheet Support and any feedback from Appsheet Support?
Same issue for me with the same scenario of multiple Google Accounts

Have you tried to logout from all of your Google accounts and yhen login with your Appsheet app again?