Change logged in user?

I have multiple google accounts on my phone. When I start the AppSheet app it automaticly logs in with the wrong one. I can choose logout and choose to login again but as soon as I choose “google account” it automatic chooses the wrong one again.

Any thoughts on how to get around this?

Try clearing the cache for AppSheet (if on Android) or uninstall/reinstall AppSheet (iOS or Android).

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This might be a good issue to take to directly.


This has worked for me on IOS.

Ive had this issue as well and this works but really its a pain in the arse.

The clearing cashe and reinstall?

Correct, I that was the only way I could change the email. This was not on my device but on a users device. It was a Samsung Galaxy S8

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Interesting! Samsung Galaxy S7 edge here…