Change name of spreadsheet and copy spreadsheet, definitions, views etc from another app

Is there any easy way of achieving the following without messing up:

  1. Rename a spreadsheet in a workbook without having to redefine all the fields?
  2. I have two Apps that I am developing in parallel, one is development and another in testing. I am now ready to move a spreadsheet from the development app to the test app and want to copy across all the related column structures, views, slices, format rules etc - just for that spreadsheet, not the others I am still working on. Is there any easy way of doing that without having to manually recreate it all?

Sure! Rename the worksheet, wait a few moments for the changes to save to the cloud provider, then reload the app editor. The app editor should notice that the worksheet of the old name no longer exists and produce an error. Go to Data >> Tables, to the affected table, to the STORAGE section, and choose the worksheet with the new name for Worksheet Name/Qualifier, and save the change:


Changing the worksheet name should have no impact at all on the rest of you app configuration.

No. :frowning: