Change NumberDisplayMode based on user settin...

(Martin Eidensten) #1

Change NumberDisplayMode based on user setting?

I prefere to use Sliders whenever I can but on one of my test phones (an old iPhone) the sliders does not work (Jumps all over the place and saves another

value than shown).

In case of future trouble I would like the users to be able to choose NumberDisplayMode in Settings.

I have a main menu that links to my diffrent views, i figured i just hack into that and send the user to a diffrent view based on that setting. But I can’t change NumberDisplayMode on a slice… and can not add the same table twice…

Anyone have any ideas on how to get the effect I want?

The dream would be to be able to set it directly when I edit columns. Something like: NumberDisplayMode = USERSETTINGS(EpicChoise)

(Reza Raoofi) #2

Perhaps as a workaround you could have 2 number columns with different settings for NumberDisplayMode, then using Show_if show/hide them dynamically based on current user’s choice. It would have implications though; most likely you would need a third number column to reflect the value of whichever Number column that is not blank.

(Martin Eidensten) #3

Thank you for your reply. That would do it i guess but sadly not a good solution for me. I have to many numbers for this to be convinient. It would also complicate the next step in my app to no end.

Good idea though!