Change order of columns in related order details


I have an order entry system with related orders details as part of an order in another table.

I would like to rearrange the order that the details appear when viewing them in the main order page.

In have attached a screenshot that shows “Name & Town” “Order Detail ID” etc

How do I change the order so that other columns can be viewed here without going into the actual order detail.



Hi Phil, you can head over to “UX => Views => View Options => Column order” and set your order accordingly. Hope that helps!

Hi, this doesn’t seem to apply to the column order for the snap shot view of the related order.

I have attached a screen shot showing the view of the customer order with column order showing related order details at the bottom.

How would I swap the “name & town” with the “Order Detail ID” for instance so that the “Order Detail Id” is on the left.



The ordering of these columns:


are controlled by the UX view of type Table in the ref position for the table or slice of which these rows are a part. If the table containing the rows is named Order Details, there might already be a system-generated view named Order Details_Inline that may be used to configure the column order.

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Thanks Steve

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