Change order of inputs in add form

Hello! How can I change the order of the inputs or questions in the add form?
For example, I have an add form where the user has to specify a destination for a task, and if the destination is a vehicle, it has to specify the license plate. Although, the license plate question appears at the bottom of the form, instead of below the destination question, despite the fact I have both columns ordered the way I want them (destination, and next to it, licence plate) everywhere (spreadsheets and UX).
Thanks in advance.

I don’t think that feature is rolled out to everyone yet. I don’t have it.

Until it hits, you can base your form on a slice and order the columns in the slice.

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Hello Steve, thank you for your reply.
The add form appears as a system generated action, not a view, and inside that action, I can’t change anything.

Nope. Please provide a screenshot.

Please take a look.
I have the “add” option in my app with a + icon, and when you click the icon, a form appears despite in UX I don’t have any “form” type view. Because of this, I assume that the add form comes from the system generated action that you can see in the screenshot.

A reasonable assumption. The system generates default views that are used if you don’t create your own. To see them:

Which should then expose the system-generated default views, which you can modify:


You could also add your own view, which would then be used instead of the system-generated default view.

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Thank you Steve!

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