Change status of a record automatically


I have a workflow requirement where in there are 3 statuses to be maintained.

  1. Not Read (Initial status on addition of a record).
  2. Read
  3. Replied

Requirement is such that when a user opens a record, its status should automatically change to “Read”. At present, I have given an action button for the user to click to mark the record as “Read”, which the user wants to happen automatic like when we open an email, it changes the status from “Unread” to “Read”.

Can this be done in AppSheet?


I would possibly suggest using the ‘row selected’ behavior for the ‘not read’ to ‘read’ status change. You could use an action that ‘executes a sequence of actions’. In your sequence the first action should change status to ‘read’ and the second action should navigate to the ‘detail view’. Then for the reply have an action button that either goes to a form that acts as the reply entry or it just changes the status to ‘replied’ depending on your needs.


I have used dashboard view to show records in “Not Read”, “Read”, “Replied”, “Detail” using dashboard view. I don’t see any option that I can use for “row selected”.

Can you suggest more on this?


I’m afraid the ‘row selected’ behavior is only available for table, deck, or gallery view types. So this may not work for you unless you are willing to change view types.