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Hi everyone,
I created an app where I’m using the date column as key since I have to enter 1 dataset only per day. If I enter another set of data on the same day I’m correctly getting the warning message “there is already a row with key mm/dd/yyyy”, I’m wondering if I can customize somehow this message.

To customize the message, you’ll need to set a Valid If expression that evaluates to FALSE if a duplicate key column value exists, the set the Invalid value error expression to the message you want displayed.

@Jacopo_Spinelli. There is no direct way to customize the error message of Key column.
Instead what you can do is:

  1. Put Valid_if expression for Key column. In your case
    If(LOOKUP([_THISROW].[Date],table name,“Date”,“Date”)=LOOKUP([Date],table name,“Date”,“Date”), FALSE, TRUE) .
    2.When user tries to give the same date already exist in dataset, it will show an Inline error message. This can be defined in “Invalid Value Error”.


Thank you both for the input you gave, I wasn’t able to setup the valid if condition you mentioned above, anyway I think it will not replace the system alert message “there is already a row with key mm/dd/yyyy”, is it correct?

Yes @Jacopo_Spinelli. We cannot replace the system alert message.

Also, try putting valid_if for the date column(Key column) in your case with LOOKUP expression. This expression checks whether record exists or not. If the record exists then “Invalid error Value” fires and displays the message which we gave

Thanks @Gowtham, maybe the customization of these messages could be a further development of the system, currently even if the valid if condition is setup correctly I do not see any added value as the message will keep staying there.
Thanks a lot for your help.

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    ([_THIS] = [column-name])

Replace table-name with the name of the table, and column-name with the name of the column that shouldn’t contain duplicate values.

Not correct. Valid If is evaluated before the check for a duplicate key. Give it a try!


Hi @Steve,
the formula you suggested is working, I just had to put a NOT() before the formula itself and the system message is not shown anymore, only the valid if message appears.
Thanks a lot.

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