Change the default set, Number of undos allowed. The more is allowed the more memory is used (0-100)

I did not know this setting is available now.

This is for those who did not know like me.

Go to Manage pane, Author, and find EDIT SETTING.


Bumping this so more people can see it. I also just discovered that there is undo functionality in the editor now, with Ctrl-Z. Awesome!

It seems that the Save button still highlights in blue even after undoing all changes since the last save though.

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Default number seems to be 10, but in my opinion, it should be increased bit more.
Yes, we can do by increase this number before we start to work on the app, but I naturally forget about setting this up before I start new app…

I wondered if we can change this setting as a part of security policy?

Lets say undo count set to max 100 as a part of my app policy under my account, whenever we start to create new apps.

Feature request? :sweat_smile:

Thank you @tsuji_koichi
I now learned that there are Account Policies :slight_smile: I didn’t know about that.

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