Change the display names of enum values

Is there a way to rename (Display only) the enum values without changing the data values?

My employer uses a certain value per item in the list (enum). I want to change the display names only:

A-RDY ---->>>> “Ready”
WIP--------->>>>“Work in Progress”

In your context, display name means the text when user will see within the drop down box or button to select out of choice?

Or text when they see in views in Appsheet ,such as detail view or table, deck etc?

Unfortunately, no. There is no way to directly do that as described. You would instead have to change the values in the screenshot to what you want them to display as, and then you would have to convert the values to the originals for your client’s data to work.

ok. thanks

If you create a small reference table for your Enum column and you change that from Enum to Ref, you could change the value depending on your employee’s selection.


In addition to advice from Aleksi, you can control diplay name as well.
Follow the guide from Aleksi, create simple table for emum values. Basically two column should be fine.
One is value which is set to key as well.
Then another column is value for display. And make sure to set this display name column as LABEL.