Change the Thumbnail shape when using TEXT_ICON()

Hi everybody,

I was wondering if it’s possible to change the thumbnail to square shape when I use the TEXT_ICON FUNCTION…

To be more specific. I have a list of products with square thumbnails already and for those products that don’t have an image in their records I show the function so it doesn’t look like a white space.

I have also done this with other tables such as brands and customers so I wouldn’t like to upload the same not available pic everytime.


I thank for any help in advance.


If the field type is currently set to “Thumbnail”, can you change it to “Image” and save/test/observe?

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Thank you for your answer, changing the field to image seems to give me full control of the shape but I’m still concerned that once I have several records, the sync time might be affected.

The only reason I was using this format is because I read that thumbnails are lighter formats, and I thought I was going to have the same shape control as image.

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In this context, it’s probably fine (the performance). Some other ideas to consider:

Images which are rendered on the fly versus being downloaded from a file storage location are probably going to appear faster/quicker - not necessarily always, but on average. These might include:

  • Text_Icon()
  • A field of type “image” which refers to a URL in its formula or initial value, e.g. some examples in this other community post
  • SVG code, essentially, built inline and on the fly (same community post as above)

Hope this helps!