Change theme, light to dark, vice varsa

My friend told this extension to exist.

it is always controversial, i prefer dark theme, or light theme. Leave it to each individual judgement and preference. However, sometime white background is bit distractive to my eye (may be because of my age?) in my opinion.

This is just a Chrome extension, but can switch between light (normal) and dark theme for any web site browsing on chrome.

Let say we have app with white theme (in terms of Appsheet definition). But whey they play around on the app, they can switch between light and dark, without asking app creator to change them over.

See how it actions.

Link to extension :

Not really appsheet specific and oriented tips, but this may help someone who stays on appsheet editor for long hours to generate nice apps.


Thank you very much. This is perfekt.
Could you share the right URL? It seems that it’s not working.
It this a free extension?


Night Eye have both free and paid options…Even the paid option is very affordable


Thank you Levent for following up with those links!

My link could be broken due to some reasons, but now community members can pick them up from your post, thank you again.