Change Timestamp with Reset

I have a workflow expected to fire on a change in the Change Timestamp field (When Status is updated) but I also have the Reset on Edit turned on for the same field. How does the timing work with regard to a workflow update? Is it as follows?

  1. User updates the status
  2. Change Time Stamp updates
  3. Workflow fires
  4. Change Time Stamp resets

The workflow is not firing consistently and we’ve been trying to pin this problem down for months as there’s no consistent pattern.

Is it possible the field resets before the workflow can fire?

Well I use just a hidden “RUN_WF” column.
And then I group 2 actoins: (1)Set value of “RUN_WF” to “Run”, and a reset (2)Set value of “RUN_WF” to “”.
Then in WF set it to fire only on UPDATES and if [RUN_WF] =“Run”.
Also perfect to make child records fire in the right order…:wink:


Reset on edit? is applied when the row update begins (e.g., when the form is opened, or the action begins). The ChangeTimestamp is set when the watched column(s} is (are) first modified. I would expect the Reset on edit? change to trigger the ChangeTimestamp.

Keep in mind that workflows are performed on the server when the row update arrives there.