Change Y / N button display

Hi, I can not find a way to change a Y/N Column display.
In My app I have a form that uses 2 Y/N Columns. (see picture after)
Instead of havin N and Y I would like to put ‘No prices’ an ‘With prices’ in the button for exemple.
Do you see another way to reach this ?

Hi @Benoit_Gramond You can use an ENUM with those 2 values: ‘No prices’ and ‘With prices’. Set the Input Mode to buttons.


@Fabian Indeed I can. It is more that I need the button to display ‘No prices’ and ‘With prices’ but the data entered in my DB must be same as the one in a Yes / No column

So you should use a REF with an extra table.

In this extra table you have 2 columns: [Key] (the key) and [Translation] (the label).
In [Key] you will have the values “Y” and “N”.
In [Translation] you have the values “No prices” and “With prices”.

With this method you could even translate your Y/N in many languages.

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This works but it’s admittedly convoluted. For how often this comes up it really should be a feature request of the Y/N column type. Let users specify the Y/N text.

Or a bigger feature request that would handle situations like these (there are many) would be to let users create simple read-only tables that exist within the applications definition rather than mucking up databases.


@Fabian Indeed, this could work but I agree with @Jonathon. A feature that permit to Let users specify the Y/N Text should be so nice. Do you think we should move this discussion to feature request?

Hey Benoit;

I made a feature request for this after reading your post a while back. You can find it here: