Changes dont commit in source spreedsheet after saving in my mobile device

Have my app ready and thru link to install in other device I managed to install in my cell phone. Everything works as expect until I see that new data I just entered go away! Looks that after an automatic sync, new changes done in my phon cant be saved but when I use the app from AppSheet editor, data save without issue.

Is because I am using a free plan?
Any sync/offline setup required?
User permissions? I use my Google account in Appsheet so is the same I have in my Android phone.


Hi Diego, may I ask what is the error message when you have tried to save the record?

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Hi, there is no error, just replicated… I save a record then I see it in the inline view for few seconds, sync circled arrow refreshes automatically (sync offline data to Cloud) and seconds after this the record just vanish in front of my eyes. Let me know if there is any log that I can check. Because the app in appsheet page works perfectly and I have the spreadsheet in Drive under my goggle account.



Shouldn’t be. If permissions were a problem, I’d expect an error to be displayed.

Does your app have any workflows configured?

Not really even in the most basic catalog table, I enter data, save, see the record created and right after the sync icon refreshes, count 5 seconds and the new record vanishes. This just dont happen in the edit page. I am new in appsheet but I believe this is a very basic feature that has almost no modifications from my side.
Here the link in case someone wants to check

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Please contact for help with this.