Changing all values of a column to a zero value

I have an inventory management app that I am currently working on. Right now I have a set of workflows that trigger an email of a large spreadsheet of data once its all been 100 percent inputted. The email wont fire until all data in the appropriate columns has been entered. I have 4 tables currently, and data can be entered in 2 columns per table. Once all 8 columns of all tables have been filled it will send an email with the entered data and updated pars.

All of this is working completely fine, my issue is this. I would like to reset the data to a zero value in all 8 columns. I know I have to use actions here but if I use set the values of some columns in this row it only changes the first value to zero and none of the other row values. When i try to use, execute an action on a set of rows, and use select statements it just errors out and says its not of type list, and yes I understand its because the column is of data type Number and not list, but there must be a way to do this.

If anyone has any ideas please help because I am super frustrated.

@okeefechris Please check the sample app called ResetColumns from how it’s done.


You are a lifesaver. As it turns out I was not referencing my table key properly and that was the issue. The minute I referenced the key properly everything fell into place. Thank you so much for this! Onward and Upwards!

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You’re welcome