Changing Category options in Inventory Management app

I apologize if this is a really basic question but I am a total Newbie.
I have used one of the templates to build an inventory app, and have added in all of my own categories from my GoogleDocs, so when I add a new item I can select the proper categories. My question is, how do I delete the ones that were already in the app eg Pharmacy, Seasonal.You can see the 4 original categories from the app, and then mine start with cleaning.

Please keep in mind I am a total and complete beginner so please offer step by step instructions.
Thanks in advance for the help!!

Hi @Pasha88
Have you tried deleting them from the google sheet?

@Lynn Thanks for the reply.
I did try that - have deleted everything I don’t need from the Google Doc but they are still showing up.
Because I used one of the sample apps and modified it, I feel they must be somewhere built into the app I just can’t find where.

This is from the info - specs.

Is there somewhere I can see the list of inventory lists it is pulling from, so I can delete the one with the categories I don’t need without it affecting the other list I do need?

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Hi @Pasha88
Is the column an ENUM with a list added into it? You may need to delete the value from there.

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It’s quite possible that there is no default view to manage the categories in the sample app. If the type is Ref, it will indicate the name of the source table, you can then create a new view to access and edit the records in that table. (A ‘view type’ of table is a simple way to display them. Click on a row, then click on the edit icon at the bottom right of the page, and then the trash bin icon at the top of the page to delete the item).