Changing Form View Button Sizes

Need an option to change or increase the size of “Form View” Buttons, i.e. cancel, next, previous and save. When using my apps on a tablet the buttons are difficult to spot at the bottom of the screen (especially for new users unfamiliar with the app). Relative to a tablet screen size the buttons on a form appear very small.

Hi @Luke_Bosson and welcome to the AppSheet Community!

Not sure if this will help you as a workaround but there is an option on each Form to specify the placement of the Save/Cancel buttons at the top or at the bottom of the form. You could move them to the top where they will be more visible.

Also, in case you are not aware, in the UX -> Options tab you can increase the overall text size. This does affect the entire app however.

Lastly, you can create Format Rules to increase text size for column values and actions. I took a quick look and it doesn’t seem we can use this to change the size of Save/Cancel buttons.

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Thank you for your suggestion. @Arthur_Rallu @morgan @macastan for your consideration


Thanks for the suggestions John Baer.
Unfortunately I have attempted these workarounds.

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