Changing of Key on Sample Order Capture App

Hi there,

I am new to Appsheet and “database programming”.

I am trying to “reverse engineer” the Sample Order Capture App.

After reading a few help articles, I believed the first thing I need to change is the “key” column for the Table “Customers”.

The existing “key” column is “Customer Name”, which is not ideal as mentioned in the help articles, as different people could have the same names.

However, once I changed the “key” column to “Customer Email”, I begin to see a lot of yellow exclamation marks through the app.

I don’t how to solve those. And while trying to do it, I “broke” a few things a long the way, resulting in the app being unable to run.

I wonder if the admin team can build another demo for the “Order Capture” Sample App so that we can build on it to adapt to our own needs?


Hi @netgoondoo. The yellow exclamation marks are because of broken references. There are a bunch of order rows in the app that refer to customers using the old key (customer name). But now your customers are identified using your new key. To fix this, you’ll need to go through the orders table and replace customer names with customer emails.

For more information about references and table keys, check out References Between Tables and this sample app.