Changing UserEmail to Username

Hi. I changed column [Useremail] to [Username] in my table. I also changed the Name on the GMail account but for some reason when I submit a record the old username is being passed in. I have logged out and logged in, and cleared data/cache within the GMail app on the tablet. Is there something else that needs to be done to get the [Username] value to update?

Is this [Username] column a normal column with the appformula like USEREMAIL()?

Yes @Aleksi. I just replaced USEREMAIL() with USERNAME() in the Initial Value field. It is working in so far as the username is being passed in to the form, it’s just that it is the old username.

Using USERNAME() is something you should consider… now when the G+ is closed for consumers. Please check this article…

Thank you @Aleksi. That article was helpful. I understand now. I will create a reference expression based on the user’s email to pull in the username.

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You’re welcome

Hi @Aleksi. This is working now based after using that article but I am having one small issue I am hoping you could help with.

I have User Email Address and Username on my form. When I edit an original record with a different user account I can see the values in each field have updated correctly on the form but when I save the details the Username is only updated in the Google Sheet and not User Email Address.

User Email Address is a Ref type with Inital Value = USEREMAIL() and Username’s App Formula is [User Email Address].[Username].

Am I missing something.

Instead of using Initial value, you should probably use app formula for that purpose. The initial value is written when you created the record.

Thank you @Aleksi. I will try that.

This worked @Aleksi. Thank you. @Steve thank you for your response on the other thread that was open on this query.