Changing view of related columns

How can I customize the view of related virtual columns generated by appsheet automatically. It is showing unique id but I want to see some other column. Some one please help me.

The “related” virtual columns (VC’s) are a list of rows typically based on a Parent/Child table relationship that has been created. This list is a subset of the rows from the child table and uses the Unique ID/Key value as a reference to link to each specific row in the list.

When you say you want to see “some other column” can you please elaborate what you have in mind? Are you wanting to see a list of that column based on the “related” VC’s? Are you wanting to see just a single value from a specific row?

Let us know what you have in mind so we can give you the best option to suit your needs.

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The row which is being referred by Unique Id, i want to see one or two column of that row. Can you understand now?

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From the child table , i want to see different columns other than which are shown automatically.

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The child table’s “inline” view is what controls the presentation of the child table. In UX >> Views, look for view of type table with the name of the child table, followed by _Inline.