Changing what data is shown based on user type?

I’n new, please be nice.

I want the user to see a list of orders but if they are not an Admin I only want they to see the CompnayName for their orders which belong to them otherwise show a default standard text string for any orders which are not theirs.

I cant seem to find anywhere to apply a formula to make this happen, Show_if either shows or does not.
I thinking the slices may be my answer but it seems a simple thing to make happen.

The simplest way would be to add a virtual column to the table with an App formula expression that produces the appropriate text, then display this column to the user, This assuming you actually want non-admin users to even see anything for orders that aren’t theirs. To hide orders entirely that don’t belong to the user, you could use slices (as you suggested) or security filters.

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thank you