Chart Colors with Format Rule

Based on the info found here, it looks like we’re unable to control the exact color of a chart column. It appears the system, assigns colors based on the alphabetical order of the data. I have a table I’m displaying for the user where a format rule highlight should correspond to the chart colors for consistency but I can’t find a way to identify the color the system assigned to the data in order to ensure the format highlight rule matches.

Is there another way to manage the colors?

Here is article reference:

At this time I don’t believe there is any other options :frowning:

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The colors match the columns order in the view options:

1st data column get first color, 2nd gets 2nd, 3rd gets 3rd, etc.


Hi Mark, this is how its configured now but if a user adds another record, someone would always need to go into AppSheet to update the configuration. Was hoping to be able to assign a color with another field the user had access to.

Not sure I follow. In the above I’m specifying colors for columns. Adding new records will always follow the same columns/colors. Are you using a Row series chart?


Yes apologies March, I have a single column that will contain multiple rows - lets say for example sales reps. Everytime a sales rep is added a color would need to be configured to the sales rep in AppSheet in this row scenario. Is there another way to manage this type of chart?

No, I suppose not.

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