Chart empty valies

Hi, I have a problem with a table chart. The data measured at 9:00 am are empty cells but are graphically represented as zero value. Is it possible to exclude empty cells from the graphical representation?
Another problem is that related to the x-axis. I think the graph considers the measurement hours as labels but I would like the data to be plotted taking into account the hourly value. To be clearer, the distance between 9 am and 9.45 am should be shorter than that between 9.45 and 12.40.
I thank you for the help.

@TDhers this seems different, but along the same lines…

I solved the empty cell problem by creating a slice with virtual columns. As for the x-axis does anyone have any suggestions?

Another question. I use the snapshot() function to import the chart into a pdf file. How can increse the thickness of the lines?