Chart indicate goals

Hello, I am trying to create a form of the chart type that shows me the accumulated percentage to reach a goal, that is, if I have 25 records in a table and my goal is 100, the chart indicates that I have 25%.

any help is good, thanks !.

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You may start by taking a look at the following articles, posts


I did friend, but in the essentials is not the answer for my question, may be the stacks will work, i will try it.

Got it. Since it was your first post with a brief description, just thought of giving you a starting point.

Please feel free to search community Questions, Tips and Tricks Section , help articles and sample apps. Most likely you will get what you are looking for. Please do revert with a more specific requirement. The community will surely share inputs.

The below link will help you search help articles and sample apps.

all the best.