Chart Legend - Viewing Defaults

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I am encountering a situation where I’d like the legend in my chart to have only one line visible at the beginning, instead of all the lines visible at once (the default setting it seems Appsheet uses).

I’ve attached an example of what it normally looks like below. My reason for this is because reading data with multiple lines can get a bit messy when all your lines are toggled to ‘on’ and I don’t think this is the most elegant approach for a multi line chart. Are there any settings that I can toggle to override this setting or change it in any way?

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Like this?

Is this the new Filter feature that was rolled out a few month ago? Very nice… I have yet to experiment with it Suvrutt.

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Hi @Dario It is not the new filter feature.

It is based on the concept described in the sample app below. The sample app has a different type of chart. You could use the concept for line charts instead.

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I see, thank you Suvrutt. In the solution you proposed it uses a quick edit column to filter the data, but instead of using a quick edit can you use a ‘linktofilteredview’ style expression instead? I wish there was an expression called ‘linktochart’ that would be great.

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Hi @Dario ,

LINKTOFILTEREDVIEW() is a good idea to explore. You could certainly extrapolate and test it with similar alternatives based on the concept shared.

However, I believe, even in case of linktofiltered view option, there will be a need of user input in terms of enum selection and as such the overall approach may be almost similar.

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Here’s the results of my test… Linktofilteredview works very well indeed. It’s automated to an extent so I can just generate a chart from one master chart view in my UX (in this case, a view called ‘Machinery Month’)

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Nice implementation. Thank you for sharing. Yes the basic concept is filtering the data as required.

Suggestion was slice based filtering. You nicely extrapolated it to Linktofilteredview action. Great alternative.