Chart Trouble

Having issues with a Pie Chart, so im bringing it to the guru’s.

Input is a series of 18 questions. All but 1 are Yes or No, the odd ball is a Enum with 3 options.

What Im trying to do is this…

  • 1 Pie Chart for 1 user data
  • user puts in multiple entries
  • I want to total the entries and provide each question in the graph as a percentage.


Joe made 10 entries so far
Question 1 20% of the responses were YES
Question 2 5% of the responses were YES
Question 3 95% of the responses were YES

The math is pretty simple: Q1Percentage = count of yes / Total entries
Same for each of the 18 …

Then graph the Q#Percentage fields …

However, this plan does not seem to be working, and any help would be greatly appreciated.



Looking for something similar. Did you get an answer or find a solution?