Chart View of single row of data in dashboard

Is there any way to display a single row of data in a chart as part of a dashboard interactive view? As I click on each product the chart updates to show the relevant data.

Hi @James_Fussell1,

If I have understood yourrequirement correctly, yes it is possible with a following approach. Possibly there could be another better approach as well. Here is what I did

  1. Created a slice on the table where chart columns are there. Table Name: ChartShow, Slice Name: ChartSlice
  2. Created a reverse ref column in the ChartShow table with reverse reference as ChartSlice slice. Expression of Reverse Reference column REF_ROWS(“Chartslice”, “ID”) and column name [RelatedCharts]
    Here [ID] is key column of ChartShow table / ChartSlice slice
  3. Created table view called “ChartShow” on ChartShow table and column series chart view called “Charts” on ChartSlice slice
  4. In the detail system view of ChartShow_Detail ( this is detail system view of ChartShow table), mentioned only one column, [RelatedCharts] in the column order setting of the view.
  5. In the interactive dashboard, included ChartShow table view and ChartShow_Detail view and a third unrelated view called Calendar. Calendar view has no relation to approach of displaying charts by column.

Hope this helps

Please refer the relavant image below


Please can add the link to the app?