Chart View - X Axis label problem

So I have a slice with a filter condition that returns just records that have a [State] of Open, In-Progress, or Paused. This means Closed or Cancelled records are not displayed.

Unfortunately, when I create a Chart View, the x axis includes [State] labels for Closed and Cancelled, even if the record count is zero. Any way around this?


State is an Enum with defined values?

Yes [State] is an enum with 5 defined values. The slice the graph is pulling from only allows records from 3 of the 5 values, so 2 chart columns will always be blank (and look odd).

I suspect there is no fix to this from your end; I imagine it’s inherent in how graphs handle defined Enum values and cannot be changed.

I was afraid of that. Unfortunate. Chart formatting needs some real improvement as it’s a bit crude right now…
Thanks for the response @Steve!

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