Chart views

Hi there. I am trying to use chart views. Previously I was able to add numbers to show on the actual columns on the column series chart. There was also a data button to allow a view of the data from the chart. Has this been taken away or is there something I have to do for it to be there?

These features should still be there in both mobile and browser versions of the app.

The Data button is under the 3 vertical dots menu found in the upper right hand corner. If your charts are in a dashboard, you’ll need to “expand” the chart into a single view first. I am having trouble getting to a single view of the desired chart on a mobile device. I did it once just now but can’t seem to replicate it.

UPDATE: I reloaded the app on mobile and can now see the 3 vertical dots. Its on the main dashboard view. It had disappeared before. However, when I tap the Data button, nothing happens. I should get a table of the data used for the chart. Charts not in a dashboard DO show the data table. Seems to be a bug with Dashboard view. I’ll open a bug.

For the numbers on the chart bars:

In mobile, if you tap on the bar you should briefly see a popup with the numbers but then the view switches to a Detail view of that data point. I have not figured out yet if there is a way to ONLY see the popup. It would be nice if we could just “long press” on the bar and see the popup only. I believe I opened a Feature request for this.

In browser, if you simply hover over the bar with a cursor, the popup appears. Clicking on the bar will navigate to a Detail view.

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I created a bug (below) for the issues I have seen. I included a video showing the trouble I was having. Feel free to take a look and post to add any other details or related issues you are seeing.

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Thank you so much. Yes the problem seems to be in dashboard view for mobile. Would appreciate this getting sorted. There are a few issues still with dashboards for mobile using tab views. Another one is that if you go into a table view and click on information there is no back button to go out of that particular detail view again and you have to click on another tab to go out and then back into original view to see the next row of data detail.