Chart with right column

Hi, how can I create a chart like this with right column with one of my data columns showing Rate (the red line)? Thanks!

My data looks like

Date ValA ValB Rate
2020-02-01 45000 30000 0.05
2020-02-02 45000 29000 0.09
2020-02-03 45000 30000 0.13
2020-02-04 45000 29500 0.17
2020-02-05 48000 30000 0.21
2020-02-06 48000 30000 0.25
2020-02-07 48000 30500 0.29

I do not believe what you are asking for is possible at the moment.

There are some charts that allow for a Trendline but I do not think there is an option for a right-most column.

I would recommend searching the Feature Requests to see if there is something already submitted and if so add your comments and image. This will renew interest in the Feature and bubble it to the top where it can get more attention.

If no Feature is found then I would encourage you to open one!


Thanks John.

I believe you want dual axis type of new features. Yes, it would be surely useful to have.

Copying to “chart specialist” in Appsheet teams



Yes that’s true we don’t have dual axis feature at this moment. Though you could use other web services to generate such a chart and then show it as an image in your app.


Thanks Aleksi!

You’re welcome

I’ve been using charts that “allow” for a trendline, but I can never get the trendline to display on the chart.