Charting Challenge All the how-tos for "chart...

Charting Challenge All the how-tos for “charts” relate to charts of pre-specified rows (or all rows).

I want the user to select which two or three rows of data they want in the chart and leave everything else out.

Users can currently select multiple rows.

But only activity for the multiple selections is the “Delete” button.

Surely there’s lots of things users might want to do with multiple selections.

Is there any way to add an activity for a selection by a user here so that another option is “Compare” or something.

Wouldn’t that be cool??

That is an interesting suggestion!

The common case is for users to search/filter a view – we do this for most views but not charts. There is no fundamental reason we couldn’t enable this for charts as well.

We have not considered the case where the user might explicitly hand-select individual rows. Could you please make an entry in - Login - AppSheet and let’s see if other users also might find it valuable. Login - AppSheet

@Andrew_Smith You could do this with a combination of Usersettings and Slice, but of course it would not be as simple for the user as Praveen’s suggestion.

@Praveen It seems the URL Links to Apps/Links etc that one posts in this Forum does not resolve properly. The link to your post, suggesting logging a feature request is not resolving to whee it must be logged