Charts: help with more advanced features As ...

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Charts: help with more advanced features

As I have several in-development apps (several of them lacking only small details to finish), I started another one :smiley:

One to see KPIs of my company. Area managers would add the data by month, trimester or semester, and then will get KPIs.

I didn´t found much detailed info however on charts beside a small article page about them.

Some questions:

1 -

it seems the vertical axis always is sized to max and minimum value on the chart. So if you have a graph of % and max value is 60 and minimum is 40, vertical axis will go from 40 to 60. It would be nice if I could freeze the vertical axis to show from 0 to 100% for example. Can that be done?

2 - It would be nice if alongside colors, you could use dashed lines (for KPI targets for example) and even colored background areas.

3 - possibility of adding a small arrow indicating if “better” direction is up or down? Otherwise I guess I would need to do it using a dashboard for a single line to show the arrow

I guess horizontal axis data would be controllable through slices… let’s say, user deciding if he wants to see data from 2017 alone or 2016 to 2017?


Customization of charts visual style is pretty limited. The axes can be controlled to some extent by manipulating the values being charted (e.g. make sure 0 and 100 are included in the data, or only values from 2016 and 2017), but things like adding arrows or other visual style adjustments aren’t supported other than custom colors.