Charts in dashboard view issue?

Hi team,

I wonder if anyone else is experiencing this?

I’ve added the red lines to show where the graphs don’t line up within a dashboard, I’m pretty sure that they lined up fine before.

Any ideas?



It should be because of the length of the texts which are used as dimension for the x axis.

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Thanks for pointing this out it, makes sense.

It you want to align all the chart where you are using different dimension where max length of the texts are involved, protably you make a virtual column to restrict the length upto certain number like 10 using LEFT([FieldName], 5) kinds of expression, which is the lowest number you expect the strings for all the dimensions. Then put that fields as label in order to user as x axis for all the chart. But this is kinda of trade-off, you will lose the benefit of full strings… Some dimention is cut off with small number of text … … not sure what they are…

So depending on what you want to get and lose.