Check for similar values in select columns (Unanimously Agreed or Not)

I have an app with 4 statuses as [L1]-[L4] set by 4 different people, if they are all the same it should move to the next stage, I want to create a slice to filter rows where [L1]-[L4] does not contain the same value. What should I do for this. I am still learning the ropes with only a couple of appsheets under my belt so any help would be greatly appreciated! :smiley:

Perhaps this?

NOT(COUNT(UNIQUE(LIST([L1], [L2], [L3], [L4])))) = 1)

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Hi, Thank you for the reply.
Just to clarify 1 refers to the value that will be checked to see is in all 4 columns?

The formula COUNT how many UNIQUE values are in that LIST and if all the elements are the same that means the COUNT is 1, one unique value.