Check list and approved status

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Thanks for check out my question. I want to build an app to check performance of a new staff . It is very simple . It a checklist of tasks need to do ( have mark on the box , if were done) . But It have to be confirmed by his/her manager to approve the status of the task to able show it was done on the app. Anyone know how can I do it ? May be just need to tell me what function name, or the sample app that have feature similar to it . I will look it up.

Thank you again !

Is it like delivery
When it arrives, the delivery has been confirmed
And the manager has seen that the task is done.

You can use the sample application provided by the appsheet

My idea is that will have a action button next to the task (Done and Not Yet). when the task was done. the staff will click on the action button and change status to “Was Done” . *But It have to send the notification to his/her manager to confirm this action. If the manager said No, than this action will not complete* . I don’t know how to do Bold and Italic part .

Then you’ll probably need some sort of confirmation column that only the manager is allowed to edit.

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