Checkbox to select several lines and copy them all

Hi everybody,

I would like to select several items with the checkbox option and then select the copy button to make a copy of them all. How can I achieve that?



I’ve tried to select the Delete button so that the checkbox appears… but it doesn’t. I read it might be a bug or something.

Thanks again!

Do you mean you have an EnumList field and the user selects some of them? Then you have another EnumList field and you would like to copy those options without selecting them again? Is that the case?

If you want to copy rows, you can use an action to do that. Note that copying a row requires user interaction to Save the new row. There is no way to avoid this requirement.

Hi Aleki,

No, I mean when you have the detail view and the delete enabled you can checkmark any item on the list. It would be nice if you could copy all the entries you select.

Hi Steve,

Yeah, I have some copy buttons on some of the forms… but I’m looking to make simultaneous copys of different entries.

@AlejandroCamacho We are going to launch a new feature soon and then you can create/copy records automatically without saving them one ne one.