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The bot can only interfere with the checkin in my account, it does not do this for the other user. I want it to do this for all users.I can’t solve this issue for a long time. I can share my application. Please help me


Your post doesn’t make much sense. You have a Bot already set up? What does it do? And what do you want it to do instead?

@Marc_Dillon hi

We have a bot installed. The bot writes the time I want in the checkout section of the column of the person who goes and checks in. There is no problem. But other users’ columns do not write this, what should I do?

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How did you set up the bot. How does it trigger?

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Looks correctly set-up to me, at least relative to the part you say is not working. I set up almost the same Bot on my own test app, and it seemed to work properly. setting a column to NOW() for every record in the Table:

Check the Automation Monitor, it should show a record for the Bot running on every row. Maybe it’ll show an error?

hi @Marc_Dillon
Sorry for the late conversion. The bot works but only for the checkin I made, the bot does not interfere with that checkin when other users check it

@Marc_Dillon ???