Checking dayly data is added

Hello, I’ve got a table data, and due to workflow constrains, only a daily data must be typed (it is easy to solve) but furthermore, every day have to exist one data. So, if a data isn’t entered today, tomorrow the app should warn, and it shouldn’t let you enter tomorrow’s data if you don’t enter today’s one before. How can I do it?
I have tried to create a control colunm where I calculate the intervale between the date of 2 consecutive registers (It must be 1) and writing at the “valid if” field ([_this]=1], but it doesn’t work.
Can somebdy help me?

Can somebody help me?

Hi @Juan_Luis_Moreno

What about that ?


it will return true if yesterday’s input is missing

For reference:


Thanks. Your solution is fine but it won’t let us type the “lost” records , because this expression doesn’t depend on the date you are trying to record. So Inspired on your solution I’ve tried this:

valid if:: ( [_this] - MAX(“myTable”[date] )=1

And it works.