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I’m trying to develop an application. The person who comes to the company will check-in and enter and these entries are written in the table. No problem. They just forget to checkout. How can I write the 17:00 checkout rule after each checkin.

You just want to add 17 hours to the current time?
NOW() + "017:00:00"

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In fact, to summarize, I want to make a table reservation. People who make check in write sheets and I want to print there as 17:00 in the check out column. So everybody should reserve their table, but when it is 17:00, all tables should be idle.
When I type NOW () + “017: 00: 00” here, it just shows my check out time as 17:00. Please help with this

I don’t follow.

You want to write a timestamp that is the current datetime plus 17 hours, or you want to just write the time 17:00?

After all check-in is done, I want to print 17:00 in the column even if the person doesn’t checkout. Checkout must be at 17:00 after each checkout

When you type this parameter, the check in button does not work.


I’m still not 100% what your required functionality is.

I don’t know why you mention setting “Check Out” button a certain way would affect the “Check In” button.

When a user clicks the “Check Out” button, what value do you want saved in the column? The current DateTime?

Are you trying to handle a situation where the user forgets to click “Check Out”, and want the app to fill out the column automatically, and with what value? And when would this automated functionality happen?

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@Marc_Dillon hi

I am using the application in the appendix as an application, you can see it from there. My goal here is that the incoming person forgets to checkout after checkin. After each checkout, the same day at 17:00 should be able to checkout by the system. but how?

You’ll need to setup a Bot, with an “schedule” driven Event, to run at 17:00 every day, that will run a Process on every record that has not been checked out.


@Marc_Dillon hi

so how can i install this bot? Is there a document or video? :frowning:

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