Child items can't be deleted by editing parent record


I already raised this question last year.

Given a parent record and some child items the child items can’t be deleted when EDITING the parent record. Why upper case editing? Because when you first add the record and the child items, the child items have the option to delete them. After you save the parent record and it’s child items and then edit the parent record, the option to delete the child items is missing.

Why is this behavior set like this? Is there a chance to fix this in the near future or there’s nothing that can be done? It’s a useful feature for me.

Thank you!

I totally agree! With some recent changes I have made, I would prefer to have the capability to delete after a Save and while editing the parent. I read that this was by design but I cannot think of a reason why this shouldn’t be allowed.

If you add a number of children that they surpass the Inline row limit, the user IS presented a “View” option under the Inline Table in the Form and from that a child row can be deleted.

Additionally, you can delete a child row from a Detail View. So there are ways to perform deletes, why not on the Form itself - where it would be most intuitive?

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Agree completely, Never bothered to say anything but would be very useful and would be the more intuitive approach.You have my vote.