Child records not automatically populating the parent ref field when adding a related record

I’ve heard through the grapevine that I’m not the only one having this issue, can we get some sort of update on where we’re at with a fix? Looks like this has been going on for at least a week…

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@MultiTech_Visions , you mentioned this the other day?

Last week I had noticed this and reported it; they confirmed there was an issue and pushed a fix out the next day… that was last week, and everything has been working as expected on my end.

Mind you, there’s various “nodes,” or whatever you want to call them, that people are on for feature deployment… so I might be on a different one than others, etc. etc.

To Clarify:

  • The behavior I’m expecting to see is the following:

    • Reverse references with their REF_ROWS() formula un-touched

      • These should produce a parent link when tapping the add button on the parent inline view
    • Reverse references with their REF_ROWS() modified - meaning I’ve added an ORDERBY() or something to the formula

      • These do not produce a parent link

This is the expected behavior

  • are you not seeing this?

In our case we have a virtual column with the expression
REF_ROWS(“Activity_Helper_Slice”, “RefID”)
The child table Ref column is flagged Is a part of? so that we can add entries from the form view of the parent table.

We added a workaround expression yesterday with an initial value to get around the sudden issue so that the ref column still populates while being hidden,
maxrow(“Timesheets_Helper”,“Last Modified”,[creator]=useremail())

What is the Referenced Table Name you use for REF_ROWS(“Activity_Helper_Slice”, “RefID”) ??
Is it Activity_Helper_Slice or Timesheets_Helper ?

The problem last week only affected a small number of accounts, however it looks like another attempted bug fix has broken this behavior when REF_ROWS is based on a slice. We’re working on getting a fix out ASAP.


It looks like the problem is not REF_ROWS with slices generally, but more specifically cases where there’s a mismatch between the table or slice specified in the expression vs the referenced table configured below, for example:

I expect the fix will be released sometime tomorrow, but in the meantime changing the referenced table name to match the expression would also fix it. I think the expression result should be equivalent, but there could be some side effects like which inline view is used for the column, so if you want to try this as a workaround please verify in the preview that the behavior still looks correct before saving the change.


Hi, thanks for your help. Since this error is happening, I have another problem with the reaction between fields. When I select child ref rows and then change some other fields, My list of child disappeared. I send this video to show you the incident. :weary:

Hi Adam, this does appear to have worked! Thanks for your help.

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Hi Adam this could be a temporary solution but when we could have the real solution? Please check that there is another problem with interactions between fields. Please your help

I think the inline view going blank is caused by the same issue. A fix should be coming later today, but if you continue to see it happening after the fix we can take a closer look.


Hi Adam, has the fixed been implemented?

Yes, it was released yesterday afternoon (US Pacific time). Are you still seeing this problem today?


Thanks Adam, I’ve tested the scenario successfully - thank you.


Hi Adam, client reported another orphan record today caused by this issue. Can you advise soonest? Thanks so much!

Is the client’s app fully-updated to the latest version of AppSheet?

Thinking the same so I sent the question over yesterday, awaiting response and will report back.

Thanks Steve

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