Child records not getting reference id when added

I have a Parent table (Clients) with 2 child tables (Visits) and (Members).
The original data was imported.
Parent has field unique Client_ID that was set as key.
Visits has the fields Visits_ID that was set as key and a ref Client_ID to the client.
Same structure for Members.

After import everything looks great, with Members and Visits listed with the appropriate Client.

UNIQUEID() is the initial value for all key fields.

Adding child records inline (hope that is the correct term). The Members,Visits records are created but they don’t have a Client_ID ref value - they are orphans.

What am I missing?

From where are you triggering those child records?

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Likely ‘Is a Part of?’ is off, in your Visits/Members table - in your ref column.

Likely you are not creating rows for the Visits/Members table when you are creating a row in Clients table.

This is just the system add action. Part of is set,

Not adding new Clients here - just adding child records.

From what view do you add those child records? Are you triggering it from the parent record’s detail/inline view? I mean with the “New” action?

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I’m a newbe, and this is a test system and my first. So, I might be missing something obvious.
I am using the ‘primary’ view on the Client and the system ref views.

I edit or view the Client - child records are display properly in line – I add child records there.

Yes, the NEW action.

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Would you please take a prinscreen from that view where you trigger that child record.

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I moved the child grids to the top of the Client data - most of the time the user would just view the child info.

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Aleksi, to be clear, I am clicking NEW below the child grids.

So… when you add a new visit, you click that “New” button under $0.01?


Any chance that the Ref field is set as not editable? That would explaing this behavior.


Yes, not editable. Changed and first test worked correctly on both tables.

Thanks, Aleksi.

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